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CUPS multi-node cluster installation


I have CUPS with System version: At present only one node is installled (ie Publisher)

We want to add another node to make it as CUPS cluster.

Fist node is upgraded from version  8.5.4-10000 to

Since it is upgraded, we have installation media is only for  ver 8.5.4-10000

Now when I add another node to the cluster and if I start install 8.5.4-10000 will it join the first node ? Shall I upgrade it afterwards ?

Or we need installation media of ?



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CUPS multi-node cluster installation


When you run the install, you will get an option to 'install a patch during the upgrade'. So boot from your 8.5.4 media, then select this option. It will allow you to transfer the upgrade file over the network, then once it's built it will be running 8.6.2 and you can add it to the cluster.



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Re: CUPS multi-node cluster installation

Dear Aaron

Installation on VMWare, once I boot from 8.5.4 installation media, during 'install a patch during the upgrade' it will allow me to transfer the 8.6 file through network ? Is  it possible to pick 8.6 file from VMWare datastore ? May be difficult question.

What I did is, switch back primay CUPS to ver 8.5.4  then installed secondory server. then switch over to primary 8.6.

Then upgraded secondary CUPS to 8.6.

During upgrade of secondary to 8.6, it endup with error. I am not sure what went wrong.

If possible pls. look into this log files. I have attached here.

I have collected "get file install *" after upgrade failed.



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Re: CUPS multi-node cluster installation


Problem resolved through this method.

1.Take backup of 8.6 version

2.Revert PUB to 8.5

3.Install 8.5 on SUB

4.Upgrade PUB to 8.6 (you loose configuration, but Backup you took it at step 1. will save you)

5.Upgradwe SUB to 8.6

6.Restore backup on PUB

7.on PUB/SUB you might need to DB replication repair

8.Prefered to restart both PUB and SUB

9.Give 10-15 minutes to sync both PUB/SUB

10.Once sync done both ver are 8.6 and should work normally.

Cisco dont have other solution for this problem. Problem like once PUB upgraded to 8.6 from 8.5 and you want to add SUB. But you dont have installation media for 8.6. You cant install 8.5 on SUB with PUB having version8.6. Not at all....!

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