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Customer wants CIPC

Iv'e got a customer that we just updated the CME to 8.6 and CUE to 7.3. We have a remote phone working with AnyConnect and the ASA which we also upgraded to 9.1.

The question is now they want several softphones for  their laptops and desktops. They have the license room and I've built the ephones and assigned dn's and buttons. Is there a doc or two somewhere that I can read? I have the admin guide for Cisco IP Comunicator, but I think most of what I need to do is on the 2801 and CME.

Any Help?

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Re: Customer wants CIPC

Correct, all the config is done in CME, review the CME config guide for that

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Customer wants CIPC

There is almost nothing unique to CIPC in CME; it's an ephone like any other except the type is 'cipc'.

Here's the CME Admin guide; let us know if you have a specific question:

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Re: Customer wants CIPC

The only place I found any CIPC config help was in the Call restriction area and had to do with a LPCOR. Having never configured a CME for any mobile or remote stuff, I have been floundering a bit. It cant be as simple as- 

ephone 281

lpcor type mobile

mac-address 0003.4713.5554

type CIPC

button 1:5

could it?

I also wasnt sure what to put into the tftp server as a firmware load. I put the obvious that came with the

IP Communicator\cipc-Admin-fmr.8-6-3-0 Download, but as I said this is a first and I am a little uncertain-

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Re: Customer wants CIPC

The 'lpcor type mobile' command is only required if you're using LPCOR.

CIPC doesn't have firmware like physical phones; you would install a newer version of CIPC direclty on the PC. The only thing from a TFTP perspective would be the Locale files.

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