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I Mohammed Afzal Siddiqui CCNP Certified in April 2007 Working in "STESA" (Saudi Technical Engineering Systems Associate)Company. Recently i join this organisation, There are several projects but i have been recruited for one of the project which deals with two areas which consists of thirty sites, One Area contain 13 sites and the other contain 17 sites these two areas have the hierarchy of Region,Sector and Center these two areas are not connected with each other. The project consists of AVVID (Architecture for Voice,Video and Integrated Data Services)The single area sites are connected with each other through fibre optic consist of 24 pairs in one cable one STM-4 pair as active and the other STM-16 pair as a resillency connected with SDH ONS 15305 & ONS 15454 , In this project the solution is provided by Cisco and we are the highest ATP partners of Cisco in Saudi Arabia, The components of this network are SDH 15454, SDH 15305, 2800 Routers,3750Switches, and IP phones.Each Center consists ONS 15305 with one router 2811 Series routers connected to PSTN and Radio along with 3750SX Switch connected with Cisco Six IP Phones like7970G, 7960G,7902G Nine Analog Cameras and Three Personal Computers, Each Sector One router 2821 along with PSTN and Radio,One switch of 3750SX series and Cisco Twelve IP Phones 7970G,7960G,7902G etc.Six PC's Maximum and Twelve Analog Cameras. There is only one region in two areas it consists of One 2851 Router with PSTN and Radio along with two Switches one 3750SX 48ports and the other 3750SX 24ports both will be stacked connected with Cisco 30 IP 7970G,7960G,7902G Phones,15 Analog Cameras etc.For this two areas we have purchased two Cisco Unified Call Manager 5.1, We want to deploy each in one area. Along with this we want to enable CCME on the each area one for the redundancy, I want to Know it is possible to use CCME along with Cisco Unified Call Manager 5.1,If it is please may i have the complete configurations along with which protocol to be used like SIP,H.323,MGCP etc. with dial peers configuration.Please can i get the configuration of CCME and Cisco Unified Call Manager 5.1 along with Voice VLAN's .

I hope my way of expressing the question not so complicated.

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