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Databasing - looking for specific table

Hi all,

When I first started accessing the databases within Unity and CallManager, I came across a table in Unity that showed some basic system stats. Free space on the boot drive, server name, and some licensing info (total / in use / available).

I've lost this table and have been unable to find it since.

Does anyone know what the name of this table is, and which database it is under? There's only a handful of records and fields in the table if I remember correctly. I'm primarily after the licensing info; I know it is easily accessible from the web interface for Unity, but having it available in our custom database would save a few steps.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Databasing - looking for specific table

If you go into the SA page under reporting /system reports, you can click the run report icon

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Re: Databasing - looking for specific table

Sorry for the late reply.

There are many ways of accessing this info by pre-existing methods, but I'm trying to pull the license count directly from the SQL databases. I've managed to pull all sorts of other fields from CallManager and Unity, but the license count has thus far eluded me.

I know it's in there somewhere, it was a table with less than 5 fields. I tried importing all the UnityDb tables and checking through them one-by-one, but this did not turn up the results I was hoping for.

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