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Daylight Savings 2007 and CallManager

With this document ( it is apparent that those customers running 4.0(2a) don't have a solution to this issue.

I'd like to understand why it is necessary to have a CallManager patch in the first place. Why would the OS patch (CSCsf07541) be tied to a version of CallManager? What are the dependencies with respect to DST/Timezones and when they begin and end for CallManager and Windows. Why is 4.0(x) not included?

Any guidance will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Daylight Savings 2007 and CallManager

The WinOS fix addresses (among other things) the Windows console time and log file time stamps. There is a seperate CCM fix that addresses things like ToD routing and date/time group as displayed on the phone. You also need updated phone firmware for 7961/797x class phones, since these calculate their own time offsets.

Additional patches for earlier versions of CallManager should be released next week.

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Re: Daylight Savings 2007 and CallManager

More info: There are no plans for an ES for 4.0(x), the fix for 4.0 and 4.1 versions will be in an ES for 4.1(3), so an upgrade to 4.1(3) is necessary first.

Re: Daylight Savings 2007 and CallManager

4.1(3) is a upgrade you can download from CCO and run, to get up to 4.1(3). Is there a specific reason you are needing to stay on 4.02?? 4.2(3) is also a downloadable upgrade from CCO.

Cisco also now has a standalone DST patch available for 3.3(5), 4.1(3), and 4.2(3) on the CCO Download page for 3.3, 4.1, and 4.2 updates.

So , you need to go to 4.1(3) or 4.2(3) , and current SR , then apply the standalone DST fix if you want to address this issue.

CCO Links:

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Re: Daylight Savings 2007 and CallManager

For the record, this is completely ridiculous. It's also a 685 MB download, this call manager cluster has been stable for the past 2 years on this release, and I don't honestly see why I have to upgrade to 4.13. Lazy developers.

I suppose we should just blame US congress for this. Bunch of dorks.

Sorry ranting here.

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Re: Daylight Savings 2007 and CallManager

Hi Michael,

Your not ranting alone from what I have read. It does seem odd to say the least that there is no patch for CCM 4.0 :(

There is also a manual workaround just in case you are running out of time;

CCM OS Manual Workaround 3.x and 4.x

On the new US DST date, Logon with sufficient privileges to CCM Windows Server (starting with Publisher)

Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Date and Time

Adjust the time accordingly

Click on TimeZone tab

Uncheck the Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings changes

Click Apply or Ok

Repeat steps for all servers in the cluster.

When DST ends in the Fall, the clock would have to be manually adjusted again using the same method described in steps 1-3 and 6-7 above. Please note, however, that manually adjusting the clock on CCM servers could result in a conflict in time which may produce time synchronization issues.

From this doc;

Hope this helps a little! Watch out for the Java based phones 7911,7941,7961,7970 and 7971 as they will need firmware upgrades.


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Re: Daylight Savings 2007 and CallManager

Thanks for the tip, however I'd have to remember to come back into the server later, might as well just do the update properly. Still have some time for this.

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