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DECT Phone + VG204



Let me explain the scenario, we have an offsite with a small group of phones and a local voice gateway & analog VG204. To have the receptioniste answer people at the door they installed a door phone of the brand "Comelit".

This door phone is configured as a SIP device with a number in call manager, in the settings of the door phone we have made it call a number within CUCM, i made a CTI RP for this and then transfers directly to the receptioniste phone (Cisco 9951).


Now when a customer makes a call on the door phone, the call goes through perfectly and the receptioniste can hear & see them, to open the door she has to push in a key combination (020) and the door opens. All well until we transfer the 9951 to a DECT if the receptioniste can't be on her place, the DECT get's the call but cannot open the door. The DECT is connected to a VG204, it is connected via SCCP to the call manager and the FXS port is using STCAPP with no supplementary services configured.

We also have a FXS WIC in the voice gateway, we have already contacted the people who installed the door phone and they tell us that the door phone does not notice the numbers being pressed on the keypad of the DECT. I can see the numbers in a debug on the VG204 so i know they are being pressed.

I recall there are 2 ways for DTMF signalling, Out of Band & RFC2833. Don't know which one the VG204 is using, i think it's the RFC because that's the standard.

Could there be any commands for the VG204 for this to work, DTMF interworking? or something? Do i need to take a look at the STCAPP dial peers on the VG204? It seems that no DTMF's are being pushed to the SIP door phone, we also cannot program the base station of the phone, it doesn't seem to have that functionality.

When we use a mobile phone (Cell phone) it does work, and the company of the door phone says to us we were using the "in-band" signalling, can we force the VG204 to do the same signalling?






Hello Yannick,in general this

Hello Yannick,

in general this should work (

On the SIP Device, did you check "Require DTMF Reception"?

If this doesn't work you may also try "Media Termination Point Required".

You can check the dtmf relay method beeing used for the ongoing calls by the pstn-gateway and vg204 on the cli with the command "show call active voice" or "show call active voice | i Dtmf".




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Hello, The "Require DTMF



The "Require DTMF Reception" is enabled on the phones. I've activated the "MTP", now looking to a small service windows where i can troubleshoot further on this.





Yannick Vranckx

I think you need to confirm

I think you need to confirm where the problem is: Is it in the VG224 not handling DTMF properly, or the SIP device in not getting the DTMF digits in the form that it wants.


My money's on the SIP device's configuration not matching that of CUCM.



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