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Dedicating FXO Ports for Outbound Calls on CME

Is there any way to dedicate a particular FXO port to a particular IP Phone on a CME system?

Here's the background:

Site has 5 total analog lines, four are bundled into a trunk group by the carrier for inbound calls, the fifth is "dedicated" to a particular person, let's say his name is "Ken".

Outbound, I bundled all five FXO ports into a trunk so that outbound calls will get serviced by the appropriate available port, with "Ken's" port being the last in the group.  Now the customer is complaining that the outbound caller ID sometimes shows up as "Ken's" private line, which they don't want "branch" customers to know about nor dial, as "Ken" has a specific function that differs from the rest of the staff in the branch.

Bottom line is they want outbound branch calls to utilize the four line trunk, and "Ken's" calls to only utilize the single line for him, and never the twain shall meet.  I tried using the "trunk XX" command under ephone-dn config, but that takes away the "dial 9 to get out" aspect, which will create political turmoil as in "why do I have to dial this when he doesn't" scenarios.  (Layers 8-10 of the OSI model).  ;-)

Any suggestions/advice?

Thanks in advance,


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Dedicating FXO Ports for Outbound Calls on CME

Use cor-lists.


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