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default background image on a phone?

I know how to set up background images on phones by following the defined proceedures:

What I am tying to find out is if you can define a defaut image other than the exising "non-background" image background. In other words is is possible to define an "XYZ Company" image as the defalut image that loads on boot? Without requiring the user to select it?


Re: default background image on a phone?


Firmware includes a default background image. This image is not defined in the List.xml file. You can't configure customized images as default backgrounds.

Perhaps you can find a third-party application that deploys your customized images in a bulk way after phones register to CallManager.

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- Adrian.

Re: default background image on a phone?

Greetings.  Cisco does not provide a native tool for pushing background images to IP phones.  At least, not in bulk.  There is a 3rd party app that supposedly does this or you could look into developing your own tool to do this.  I researched this topic a while back and ran into several walls.  I found two options which were viable.  One was an API call to the IP phone and the second was a 3rd party tool.  I discuss both (with code samples) in the following article:

Take a look and it should give you an idea of the issue and current options.  At least, from my perspective.



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default background image on a phone?


I have seen reference to this netcraftsmen post all over however it looks like it has been removed. Does the information still apply for CUCM v9 if so would it be posible to report the info somewhere?

Thank you


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