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Default Options with CCM

Dear Sir

I would like your assistance regarding CCM4.2(3)sr2b. I am using CCM 4.2(3)sr2b , i want to use

CP-7961 phone without license in my LAb. Could you plz tell me which options phone will support and which it doesnot without license.I dont wanna purchase license for phone right now.

your kind response will be highly appreciatble.


Re: Default Options with CCM

Licencing on Cm4.X is a bit of paper that stated you are licenced to use the product. The phone will have all features whether you have a licence or not

I hope this helps

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Re: Default Options with CCM


Thanks alot for your kind response.

how can we load phone license on CCM 4.2 .

and can you point me to actual documentation for CCM license.

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Re: Default Options with CCM

Hi Zeeshan,

Just to add to the good info you received from David.

With all CCM versions up until 5.x licensing is "honor based" so the 7961 will be fully functional. There is "nothing" that has to be loaded on the CCM 3.x or 4.x server (including CCM 4.2(3)). I wouldn't think that Cisco would see the lack of a license for a lab setup to be much of an issue but you should purchase a license when/if you roll into production environment :)

Here is a good pre- CCM 5.x Q & A;

Q. Do I need a license for a Cisco IP Phone, and how does the licensing scheme work?

A. Customers of the Cisco CallManager software are required to purchase a CallManager Client Access License (CAL) for each IP phone, SoftPhone, or other endpoint device or application (IP phone) that registers with the CallManager software. This CAL requisite applies regardless of the source (Cisco or a third party) or the functionality of that IP phone.

Customers who purchase a spare IP phone need not purchase a CAL for that spare if that spare is used to replace another IP phone for which a CAL has already been paid.

Note: That spare phone is never registered with a Cisco CallManager until the phone that the spare replaces has been deregistered with that CallManager.

If the spare IP phone is not used as a replacement for an IP phone for which a CAL has already been paid, the customer must purchase a CAL for that spare. The Cisco CallManager CAL policy is that customers must purchase a matching number of IP phones and associated CALs, with the exception of spares that are used as replacements.

Here is the License info for CCM 5.x and beyond;

Hope this helps!


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