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Delay after dialing 0 (for operator)

We have DN 0 assigned to a CCM 4.1 CTI Route Point for our greeting/operator (this appears configured correctly). The issue we are having is when internal users dial 0 to get to the operator. When a user dials 0, there is significant delay (10 seconds or so) before the call connects (we use 4-digit extensions internally). What needs to be done to allow a quicker, if not immediate, call connect when internal users dial 0?


Re: Delay after dialing 0 (for operator)

This sounds like the classic case of digit matching overlap so there is another match somewhere in CM that begins with 0 and it waits until the inter-digit timeout expires before completing the call. Can you go to Route Plan Report and find patterns that begin with 0 and see if you have matching patterns.

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Re: Delay after dialing 0 (for operator)

That was the problem. Thank you for the heads-up.


Re: Delay after dialing 0 (for operator)

One option you have is the modify the T302 timer. This is the time CCM will wait for the next digit before routing the call.

Choose service > service parameters > Callmanger

Scroll down to Clusterwide Parameters (Device - General), then look down the list for T302 Timer (msec)*

ICRC the default is 10000. That's why you are seeing a 10sec wait. The recommended is five or six seconds. Finding the balance is crucial. Test out how 5000msec feels for you.



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