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Delay with CUPS - LDAP directory search

Hello All,

This is new CUPS deployment(Primary and secondary CUPS server). We have integrated CUPS with LDAP(primary AD and secondaru AD).

The callmanager is integrated with the same LDAP servers. Same search criteria and LDAP settings are used in the CUCM and in the CUPS.

CUPC is configured for desk phone mode and when we do a directory search on the ip phone the contacts are displayed within 2 seconds. But when we

do a contact search on the CUPC client it CUPS takes atleast 15 seconds to pull the contacts and display on the CUPC. Just wondering how this delay can be minimised. The latency between the CUCM to LDAP and CUPS to LDAP are the same.

Below are the configuration,

recursive search is checked in

search context :     dc=xyzdomain,dc=com

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Delay with CUPS - LDAP directory search

Assuming you didn't change the default settings in "CUCM > System > Enterprise Parameters > URL Directory", here's the work flow:

  • Search contacts from IP phone (Directory)

IP Phone will search CUCM internal database, regardless if CUCM is LDAP integrated or not.

  • Search contacts from CUPC

CUPC will search LDAP (CUPC cannot search CUCM).  To troubleshoot the delay, you may do a packet capture on CUPC computer.  Based on the design, CUPC sends industrial-standard LDAP query to LDAP server.  CUPC has no control of the LDAP server at all.  If LDAP server was taking too long to respond, you may narrow the search base.  Or troubleshoot LDAP performance (you need to contact your LDAP vendor for this).

Hope this helps!


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