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Delete the top-most diversion header or change order of Multiple Diversion (SIP Normalization Script)

I want to change how a voicemail system treats a diverted call.

Calls  that are diverted multiple times and eventually sent to a voicemail  system are presented with the mailbox for the last forwarding party.

I need a SIP Normalization script that makes the voicemail system play the original called numbers mailbox.

For INVITEs received on a SIP trunk, the following behavior applies:

  •   If multiple diversion headers are present in the incoming message, the  bottom-most diversion header determines the original called number. The  top-most diversion header determines the last forwarding party and  diversion reason.

I need to either change the order, or to delete all Diversion headers but the bottom-most diversion header.

Diversion: "nn" <sip:4981@>;reason=unconditional;privacy=off;screen=yes

Diversion: "nn" <sip:4983@>;reason=unconditional;privacy=off;screen=yes

Diversion: "nn" <sip:4986@>;reason=unconditional;privacy=off;screen=yes

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