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Design considerations for AAR intra and interclusters.

Hi, I'm researching on how to do CAC between the cluster I manage in Sao Paulo (with two offices and two locations) and routing cluster in NJ to where our calls are redirected to other company clusters in US. Would be possible AAR to CAC my cluster to US one? Or should/must I use a gatekeeper to control calls amount? At the beginning only calls from Sao Paulo to US cluster. Later we might have incoming calls as well.

I am trying to get more knowledge on how AAR works using two test locations at different gateways (which we call FT and JK locations) and 2 7941 phones with two lines. While using a maximum of 128Kbs limit for each location, I am able complete the first call and second one fails with a Not Enough Bandwidth without AAR. Problem I have is in enabling AAR so the calls re-route to PSTN. I keep getting same lack of bandwidth message. My CUCM is 4.2(3). While looking at book resources, it's advised to place each DN in their own AAR Group, but I cannot see this line/field. Only at the device settings I am able to use AAR group and associated CSS. Any tips on what I am missing?

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Re: Design considerations for AAR intra and interclusters.

The primary function of the AAR group, is that whenever a device, like a phone or a gateway are not able to place a call, they will use that specific group to complete the call. What this is doing is adding predigits to the called number so it matches a route pattern or a translation patter to place.

Go to Route Plan->AAR Group

Click on Add a new group

On the AAR Group Name*, name it as desired.

Add the predigits you will like to have to access the alternate connection.

Assign the AAR Group to the device and inside the line add an AAR CSS that has access to the alternate route, like the PSTN. The AAR CSS work the same as the regular CSS on the phone, but when activated AAR will use that one instead of the primary CSS.

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Re: Design considerations for AAR intra and interclusters.

Thanks a lot, I will continuing experiencing with AAR. Right now I'm stucked on re-routing calls after the not enough bandwidth.

Best regards.

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