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design question

I am trying to support a variable length dial plan where some numbers overlap

Phone-A DN = 400

Phone-B DN = 4005

Is there any way for a 3rd user dial either of these numbers with out using a prefix and with out using long inter digit timeouts?



Re: design question

Probably not the answer you are looking for, but they can input the number (400) and then pick up th

e phone or hit the dial softkey.  Those are the only ways to dail with an overlap like that without

waiting for T302

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Re: design question

Implementing this on CCM or IOS Box(GW/CME)  ?

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Re: design question

CM 8

Cisco Employee

Re: design question

You need to rely on the interdigit timer for the overlapping plan so that it knows which the final intended destination is.  Even if digits for the shorter extension are sent enbloc from the phone, CM will still wait for the T302 timer to pop before routing the call.

You can tweak the T302 timer in CM to lower the interdigit timer to something more comfortable, if that works for your users.  Other options are arranging your CSSs so that there isn't overlap, or using a prefix.

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Re: design question

You should never, ever have overlapping extensions.

No matter whatever configuration and subterfuges you will adopt to alleviate the problem, the result will be poor, unfriendly to the user, and producing endless issues, as a consequence of the flawed approach taken.

If you customer has objections to that, ask him, do they do that in the public phone system, that has now more than 100 years of history ?

Re: design question

One option around this, which would require the end users to think a touch (good luck) but you could put two line appearances on the phone. One of course is their personal extension lets say is 4000 and it would have access to all the 4 digit extensions in the system through the proper search space. Then on the other line appearance you would label it as 3-digit or something to that affect. Then this line appearance would be in a search space that only recognizes the partitions that contain the 3 digit extensions. So you would have to create new partitions one for the 3 digit extensions and one for teh 4 digit extensions, then a couple of search spaces that contain only the partitions you want the "line appearances" to dial. Then when the users want to dial the 3 digit extensions they would just push the second line appearance button first then dial.

Maybe it doesnt fit your actual scenario but jsut another thought.

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