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Desktop Smartphone?

Like most people I know in the UC world I was pretty underwhelmed by the new 6900 series IP phones which seem a step backward from the 794x/796x/797x models with their large displays and programmable buttons.

I think that Cisco should be looking at developing telephones using technology similar to that seen in mobile smartphones. This would allow the development of truly intelligent applications allowing the phone to be used as an information portal as per the original Cisco vision which was based upon XML services.

Given the plummeting cost of colour touchscreens and the emergence of a suitable open source operating system - Android - this should not be too difficult or expensive.

A mechanism for centrally controlling deployment of apps and a Cisco hosted equivalent to the iPhone Appstore/Android Market could make this a really exciting technology for lots of customers.

Do any other posters think that this would be a good strategy for Cisco to follow?

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Re: Desktop Smartphone?

Well sure. Personally, I think Cisco should buy Palm in addition to increasing the development pace for other platforms including Android, Apple, RIM, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.

Either way, who is to say Cisco isn't already working in this direction? NetPro isn't really an appropriate forum to discuss NDA product road maps. :)

For the record, the 6900 wasn't intended as a step forward from the 7900 series phones. Cisco looses deals in some cases because the customer is not willing to deploy thousands of 7900 phones into retail stores or other places that will not leverage the 7900 feature set. Cisco is attempting to respond to what customers are requesting.

Re: Desktop Smartphone?

These are challenging economic times. Yes products should continue to better and cheaper but Cisco's apeal to masses can only be fulfilled if end phones are more affordable.

Many places, factories, typical office etc only need a voice channel and if these devices are universal and smart they are likely to face security and theft concerns too so all in all some times addressing mass customers and keeping low cost is a good thing.

A friend recently bought blackberry phones for all family and his grand ma only to return back all but two sets. Keep the grand ma and those toddlers who love to break every expensive item in your vision. :)

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