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Destination pattern via multiple provider problem

I have a customer network to setup this way   CUCM----SIPTRUNK---CUBE--SIP--SP. Customer has an existing connection to an ISDN provider and the SIP is supposed to be an alternate connection.

Problem is, calls will not go out via the SIP provider because of the destination pattern that was configured on the ISDN dialpeer. Is there a way I force SIP calls to go through the SIP dialpeer?

Im trying to call a number starting with 080 but like i mentioned, it goes through the dialpeer 10, mainly because of the destination-pattern 0[7-8].........

Is there a way i could force the sip calls to go through dial peer 5? I have tried puting the same destination-pattern on dial peer 5 but when I do this, the calls do round robing between dialpeer 10 and 5.

The whole config as well as the CUCM was pre-configured by the ISDN provider and its working for the customer. I only need to find a way to make my SIP connection work.

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Video!?Looking at your dial


Looking at your dial peer config you have 'destination-pattern' on peer 10 while on peer 5 you are using 'incoming called-number'

This would stop it matching the call correctly!

If you want to use the same pattern on both but choose one over the other then you can add the 'preference' option into the dial peer configuration. The lower the number the higher the preference. So if you set your SIP peer to 1 and your ISDN to 2 it will go out over SIP, and try the ISDN is the SIP call fails.

Hope that helps!


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Yes, this was originally

Yes, this was originally posted under Video Over IP.



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Sorry Jaime, I read it

Sorry Jaime, I read it thinking you were asking the OP to move it into the video area!


Usually the longest match on

Usually the longest match on destination pattern selects a dial peer; however it may be that two or more dial peers have the same destination pattern. In this case the preference command can be added to each dial-peer to set a priority (with preference 0 being the default and highest preference).

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Hi guys,Thanks for the quick

Hi guys,

Thanks for the quick response. As stated earlier, the customer have lines that are supposed to go through dialpeer 10 and some to go through the dialpeer 5. If I make dialpeer 5 preference 0, does this not mean that all calls will prefer to go through this dialpeer?

What I will like to achieve is force certain calls to through dialpeer 10 and others to go through dialpeer 5.


Yes setting preference will

Yes setting preference will mean the calls will all go through one dial peer and only use the other as backup.

As I said below you need to look at your peer config are you are mixing up 'destination-pattern' and 'incoming called-number'.

I would remove your 'incoming called-number' as this takes president over 'destination-pattern' you then just need to build your pattern to match the calls you want to send over each peer.

Hope that makes sense?


Take a look here:

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