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New Member

Dial conflict when recall a specific number

CUCM Subscriber - Publisher v 5.1(3)

Gateway: Cisco 3825 IOS Version 12.3(14)T7

IP Phones: 7940, 7960.

I have a trouble when I try to make my phone users can recall to PSTN local numbers that were saved in the phone directory menus. The numbering plan in Bogotá has an area code (1) and 7 additional digits (the first one is from 2 to 8 and the rest of them are from 1 to 9), this numbers are received by my gateway from the PSTN. Actually all the local calls get out from my system with a number 9 as a prefix number.

If I add a route pattern to make this calls like this:


I can make a local call discarding the number one (1) and routing the rest of the number trail from my gateway to the PSTN properly, but in my private network numbering plan I have some extension numbers that begin with the number one (1) and 3 more digits that don't receive calls when this route pattern is active.

What do you suggest to me to solve this problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: Dial conflict when recall a specific number

if you go thru any SRND regarding the numbering plan they will explain that you're suffering interdigit timeout since CUCM has a 4 digit match, BUT there is still the posibility that you keep entering more digits

they should get the call after 15 seconds that is the interdigit timeout default or if you press # after the 4 numbers

you can try decreasing the T_302 (interdigit timeout) timer but the only way to solve this is to avoid overlapping dial plans (again, all of this in the CUCM SRND dial plan design section). in this case do not use the same number you use to dial out in internal extensions




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New Member

Re: Dial conflict when recall a specific number

Thanks for your answer. I use the number 9 as a prefix for the local calls and this solution is working now without any problem, but some users have been requesting me to permit the kind of calls I mentioned before because they commit some dial errors when they try to redial those numbers.

The real problem is that interdigit timeout because users expect that when they dial an extension number the call starts insteadly and if they have to wait they think the calls have been cut or the destinations are busy.

Are there another solution beyond of pressing # after the 4 numbers, because I have to change the way my users dial that extension numbers and I don't believe they are totally agree with this change?

Cisco Employee

Re: Dial conflict when recall a specific number

this is WAD (Working As Designed) CUCM can't read the mind of your users to know they will only dial 4 digits while there is a pattern that still can be used if they keep entering digits. if you think about it, this makes perfect sense. the same happens with international calls, CUCM only know you'te going to dial international in the NANP because you use 011, then 2 digit country code and AT LEAST 1 digit. CUCM doesn't know the dial plan of all the countries in the world, so it keeps waiting.

as i mentioned this is covered and explained in the CUCM SRND Dial Plan design, the only options you have are:

1 end user education (press #)

2 modify the dial plan to start with something else than 1

3 add another digit and make 5 digit extensions (of course do not use 1)

if they WANT instantly you need to change the dial plan, that is the only way to make this happen




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