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Dial Jump point


I'm looking for the solution how to make some unusual task with CCM 4.2 and Unity 4.1.1.

Company needs to implement a dial jump point for international calls. External user should dial company's main number, after that dial something like a combination and pin and get may be a dial tone or a prompt for dialing international numbers 011-xxxxxxxxxxxx.

I will really appreciate any ideas how to accomplish this task.




Re: Dial Jump point

It's not so much Unity, but Callmanager configuration. Check otu this doc.

You are basically configuring a dial in number that callmanager then gives dial tone to the local caller to make a call from the ccm. (on their $$.) SO this is toll bypass.

For instance, my office in Singapore dials a local access numbers, hits their CCM, which then transfers the call thorugh the network to our San Fran office. The San Fran office then gives the singapore caller dial tone and can dial a local number, thus by passing toll charges.

Some countries do not allow this. Check with regulations in that region.

You can go one step farther and you should do this, configure access codes

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Re: Dial Jump point

Dear Tcatlinins,

Thanks for reply. I read the documentation you have advised and also tried to follow it. I ran into the problem where I should create dial in number that gives dial tone. Since there is no physical device that have this extension assigned, how you do this ?

I tried to create CTI route point, but there is no such thing as provide dial tone. Also creating new Route Pattern with dial tone option is not helping much either, I can't call from external to get this rule, only from internal extension.

I feel that I'm looking in wrong direction...

Could you, please, correct me.

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