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New Member

Dial pattern issue


we have one call manager 4.x and morethan 1000 phones.there was no partiition configured for the phones.even for route pattern there was no partition was open for all to dial outside call.

now if need to block outside diallign in some phones,how can ido it?

i created once route pattern with new block partition and selected block this pattern.but its not working.if i put complete outside numbet ,it will work.if it is 0! call will go out from the phone,because it is taking default one.

is there bany other option to disbale outside callling from sdome phones?

please help.


Re: Dial pattern issue

The best way is through device based CSS

Allowing Calls

Create a generic PSTN Route pattern of 9.! -( 9 the PSTN access code)

Under Service Parm. locate the T302 timer and change this to 4000- this means that CCM will wait for 4 sec before deciding if yo have dialled the last digits - due to the use of the !

Create a Partition called "Allowed-PSTN"

Create partition called "Internal-DN"

Create a partition called "dummy" - not used by anything

Blocking calls

Create a Partitions for each type of Block call- Block-Local, Block-National, Block-International, Block-PREM

Create a Route Partitions for each PSTN number you wish to block i.e Premium rates e.g UK can be 0901234xxxxxxx so create a generic block of 9.090! assign the Block-PREMto this route patterns- Repeat this for every number you wish to block- UK International access - 9.00! so Route Pattern - 9.00!, Partition assigned Block-International

the CSS you assign to the Block Route Patterns can be anyone as you are blocking the call so it is not used

In the Route Pattern there are two options Route Pattern or Block Pattern - Tick the Block Pattern- IMPORTANT

Assigning CSS and Partition


Create a CSS for each device NOT LINE - CSS-DEVICE and assign the Partitions-" Internal-DN" ,"Allowed-PSTN" to the same CSS


Create CSS for each type of route block you want- CSS-BLOCK-LOCAL, CSS-BLOCK-NATIONAL,CSS-INTERNATIIONAL, CSS-PSTN

Assign to each LINE CSS the block Partitions

to block local calls -use CSS-BLOCK-LOCAL and assign all Partitions above Local - BLOCK-NATIONAL, BLOCK-INTERNATIONAL, BLOCK-PREM etc

to block national calls use CSS-BLOCK-NATIONAL and assign all Partitions above National - BLOCK-INTERNATIONAL, BLOCK-PREM etc

Allow all calls

USE CSS-PSTN and assign the dummy partitions to this CSS - a CSS must have a partition assigned to itTIONAL, BLOCK-INTERNATIONAL, BLOCK-PREM etc

Users Partitions

Assign the Partiton INTERNAL-DN to every users DN

If you need any DN to be accessed by every phone either assign them to INTERNAL-DN or create a new Partition and and that to the CSS-DEVICE

hope it helps