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Dial peer - FXO question

Customer's main site has CCM 4.2(3) with a 2811 setup as an H323 gateway. The 2811 has an NM-HD-2V with 2 VIC2-4FXO cards to handle the 8 lines to the telco. It also has PVDM2-16 and PVDM2-32 modules.

The remote site has a 2650XM setup as an H323 gateway. The 2650XM has an NM-2V with 2 VIC-2FXO cards to handle 3 lines to the telco and 1 line to an overhead paging system.

The 2 locations are within the same local calling area and the customer would like to move the 3 CO lines from the remote site and put them in the 2811 at the main site. So, I would need to have 11 FXO ports on the 2811 with the option of 12 FXO ports for adding another line to the telco. My first question is what modules/cards do I need to handle 12 FXO ports on a 2811 since I would probably need to take out the NM-HD-2V since it only has 2 slots, right?

My second question is regarding the call routing. Incoming calls are simply PLAR'd to a CTI Route point to play a Unity call handler, so I think I'm OK there. But, the outbound calls at the remote site still need to go out to the PSTN using the 3 FXO ports connected to their CO lines at the main site. Each site currently has a 9.@ route pattern in each site's partition so calls go out the correct gateway. I would have to make the phones at the remote site use the 9.@ that uses the main site 2811 gateway, but how would I tell the 2811 to use the 3 FXO ports that are connected to the remote site's lines?

One issue I see with this is 911 and letting emergency services know that the is at the remote site, not the main site. What options do I have?

Just to note - the main site has about 40 phones. The remote site has about 8 phones.




Re: Dial peer - FXO question

ill take a stab at this

First off i understand that both locations are within the same area code so question is

1. why would they want to move the lines in the first place.

2. how are the sites connected - meaning if the link between goes down the remote site goes into srst correct?. then if the lines are moved how shall they maintain basic functionality.

im supposing you went through all this already so for the first question im thinking which gives you 8 FXO and then use a VIC2-4XO to complete the 12 ports.

For the second question - if your using MGCP at the head office that would be much easier in my opinion but thats not the case. so we want to segment those same lines that we are moving to the 2811. basically, let the remote site users call out using those same three lines. off the top of my head im thinking you should be able to do a COR and apply to the associated dial-peer and therefore ports (Ive only done this on CCME though) but im sure someone can help us along here

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