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Dial-peer using b2bua

I have a network scenario where I have two Cisco phones (CP-8941).  The phones are able to register with CME which is installed on a ISRG2 router.

When I dial from one phone to another, the voice/video only works one way.  I know this is because of the routing configuration.  Both of the phones are able to route to the CME but not to each other.

Unfortunatly I do not have access to the routers to make the phones be able to route directly to each other..

I would therefore like to route the telephone calls through the CME.  I understand that this is possible using the b2bua feature.

I have therefore tried to create a dial peer on the ISRG2 router that matches all calls and then applies the b2bua attribute to this dial-peer.  The configuration is shown below;

dial-peer voice 10 voip

     destination-pattern .


This has not solved my problem as the voice/video between the phones when making a call is still one way.  

Any help on this problem would be much appreciated.

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