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Dial plan and SRST help needed

I am having a hard time trying to come up with a dial plan that will accommodate a central site and a remote site that involves SRST that will scale for future sites. I have a handful of sites utilizing SRST but they do not use a local PRI at the remote site for local dialing as my new remote site is going to do shortly. I have looked for a config everywhere that I could model for this and read most of the SRND doc but it confused me more than anything.

Is there a doc anywhere that shows what a real live config would look like that allowed the main site to dial the remote site using an access code-site code+4digit extension and also allows the remote site to make use of local numbers? I'm trying to avoid having the remote site traverse the network to the main site and then having to dial a long distance number to reach a local number in the remote site NPA-NXX.

I'm getting confused by translation patterns,  number-expansion, dialplan extension length etc..


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Re: Dial plan and SRST help needed


This document will help you to configure the Dialplan.

There is an example to configure the Dial plan to send calls to PSTN, same way you can configure the Remote site

Dial -peers using Destination Pattern and the Session Target IP Address of the remote site Router.

Use the Translation patterns if you want to add prefix while dialing the Remote site Directory numbers.

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