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Dial Plan collision

Basic info:

  • Call Manager Business Edition installed in Australia.
  • Trunk Access Code - 0 (picked after talking to local AUS people who said its the standard down-under)
  • Three digit extensions
  • Extension range - 000 through 499

To make a long story short I was tasked to do initial setup for a PBX to be setup in Australia (I am in the US). Using Wikipedia I created a comprehsive dial plan and setup the first users, who resided on the fifth floor of a building, to extensions 400-499 then passed support onto the team charged with O&M. I get a call a couple of weeks later that internal people were having issues calling or transfering calls to a new VP on the lowest level of the building who get extension 004.

That is when I did a big Homer Simpsons D'oh. In the Australia dial plan mobile numbers start with "04" so there is a dial plan entry like such:

0.04XXXXXXXXX which points to the PSTN. What I as a Yankee  failed to appreciate is that the extension range 000 through 009 should have been reserved for things like hunt groups or lines that would never be needed internally since most of them overlapped with various parts of the Australia dial plan.

I really cannot change this guys extension without being absolutly sure there is no other option.

My first though was to put in a translation pattern like this: "[0-4][0-9][0-9]# with discard PreDot trailing-# " and just tell the people for that set of extensions end the number with "#" to signify the end but while the DNA showed it routed successfully there is still had a long wait until it sent the call to his extension.

I have attached DNA output for the number

My Questions:

  • What did I do wrong with the translation pattern? I would think that this would work.
  • Is there a better way to solve this (and moving him to a different extension is not an option)?
  • Could the long delay be due to something else entirely?

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Dial Plan collision

Change the translation to [0-4]XX# and use called transformation of XXX, no need to worry about stripping, etc.

However I would not go that route as that is really going to confuse users, you have 2 options the way I see it:

  • Change the extensions - prefered
  • Leave they as they are and force users to deal with inter-digit timeout when dialing these extensions



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Dial Plan collision

I can broach the subject about changing the extension. Unfortunantly the reason I am "re-engaged" in this is the O&M team it got passed to had challenges, including having the new users print $2K in bad business cards because they transposed two digits so the users down there are restless.

The good news is I can keep there old numbers ringing on thier new extensions so maybe they will go for it.

Thanks for the replies.

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Dial Plan collision

Hi Nathan,

I would agree with Chris here (+5 C-Man ) in that changing the extensions

would really be your best bet going forward. Why not change the first floor to 1xx

second floor to 2xx, 3rd to 3xx etc. etc. Users are far more resilient and open to change

than we sometimes give them credit for

- Maybe you could change the trunk access code to something else?

- Lower the IDT as seen in CUCM as the T302 timer

From info;

Delay in Call Establishment: Configuring the Interdigit Timeout

Don't feel too bad here! We've all been down this road before.



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