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Dial Plan expansion from 4 digit 5

Hi Everyone,

We currently have the need expand our 4 digit dial plan to 5 digits.


Overlaps in number ranges available to us from the telco.

Location is in NA (US and Canada)

currently we have 10 office deployed and have 19 more to add

We also have CUCM cluster in Europe and use Intercluster trunk ID

We are running CUCM 6.1 and Unity 5.1 Unified messaging.

I know I will have to do it by office/site location

1) VPN gateways are MGCP controlled and will have to be modified


3) Route patterns

4) User extensions = ID which will need to be modified

5) Unity Extensions will need to be modified

Have I missed a missed anything.

There does not seem to be much material on how to move from a 4 digit dial plan to 5 digit dial plan

Please let me know if there is a document out there.

Thank you all in advance.


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Re: Dial Plan expansion from 4 digit 5

In addition:

Ensure sigDigits on the GW is set appropriately if relevant

All Translation Patterns, cti ports, cti route points, basically anything that has a DN, you can run Dial Plan report on CM to plan ahead of time

Adjust VM Profile if needed (if using XXXX for example)

Call Park, MeetMe may need to be changed as well

In Unity:

call handler extensions

routing rules

directory handlers

make sure you adjust alternate extensions


You already mentioned SRST

Do you have any other applications, i.e. CER, IPCC, etc?



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Re: Dial Plan expansion from 4 digit 5


Thanks I forgot to mention the a samll deployment of IPCC. There are no other application services dependent on it.

I will need to address thoughs extensions plus Meetme.

I figured anything with DN.

I am going to document the processs step by step. I will do a small site with 10 people first.

Have you seen any material or example put out by cisco or anyone for this?

Thank you


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Re: Dial Plan expansion from 4 digit 5

No I am not aware of any documentation on this topic.

As to IPCC you will need to adjust the cti route point and cti port extensions as well as review your scripts to ensure there are no hard coded old extensions being used for any routing.



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