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Dial Plan for multi-site

I am a fairly unique situation here and would love to get some advice. We are consolidating and upgrading a multi-cluster install still on CCM 4.x to a single cluster UC on UCS 8.6. There are three major cities involved, each city will retain dual subs and a tftp server, plus a PRI router bank for toll bypass between cities. Each city has multiple (20+) sites, with all sites having local router with PRI (layer 9 issue ) All phones have 7-digit extension, all sites are in the same area code, but it is LD to call between cities.

We are trying to come up with a simplified dial plan to reduce the number of routes and eliminate @ patterns. The customer wants to retain 1 for LD calls, but not use 9 for off-net calling. TEHO between cities should be handled by the PRI cluster in the city being called. We can use local route groups to reduce some of the patterns, but we are trying to figure out a good way to handle the toll-bypass calls between cities without creating a pattern for every office code or using the @ pattern. Thoughts?

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Dial Plan for multi-site

I think your better approach will be use TEHO with Local Route Group.

The Tail End Hop Off (TEHO) refers to routing long-distance calls across the VoIP network and dropping them off to the PSTN as a local call, at a remote gateway. In

TEHO situations, you can reduce the configuration complexity of your environment.

Check these docs for reference:

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