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Dial Plan guru's

I am using an RP of 1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX

I need to block alot of area codes such as Canada, Caribbean and Bermuda andU.S. Pacific Territories.

HAs anyone done this before? DId you enetr a new RP for each Area code? Should I just change it and do 9@ with filters

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Re: Dial Plan guru's

You can block them with translation patterns. Doing it there can help keep route patterns down.

If you have one or two locations using route filters might be cleaner.

Individual Route patterns allow you to better manage and troubleshoot in larger deployments.

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Re: Dial Plan guru's

When to use 9@ and why? Just trying to figure out whats best and when.

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Re: Dial Plan guru's

A 9.@ route pattern will be chosen over other 9.X patterns so when you use it, you'll have to base your dial plan around it. That basically means using route filters.

If you have a simple dial plan, using 9.@ and route filters can be an easy way to configure it. If you have lots of different gateways and physical locations, a 9.@ dial plan can be a big pain to manage and troubleshoot because you lose the ability to see exactly what is happening and specific routes.

Read the section on @ in this document. It should help.

For most locations the decision comes down to personal preference. Which method do you understand best? Go with that one.

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