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Dial plan or Route pattern?

Was asked this question - What one of the above rules governs incoming & outgoing calls?


Re: Dial plan or Route pattern?


Incoming calls are subject to rules set on the gateway, whatever gateway that may be.

When we talk about Route Patterns I will assume this is in relation to Callmanager. And so any outbound call is subjected to the dial-plan, which of course is made up of Route Patters, Route Groups, Route Lists and any Translation Patters or other forms of digit manipulation. However, if this call is outboud i.e. destined for PSTN then it will be routed via the gateway which may have it's own rules on how the call should be routed.

So in summary for inbound call the gateway is the first point for call routing decisions (In particular with H323), but with MGCP the call is routed via Callmanager.

For outbound calls the first point of governance is Callmanager (dial-plan), followed by gateway i.e. H323 or MGCP these may hold their own dial rules and perform some digit transformations.



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Re: Dial plan or Route pattern?

Thanks Ajaz

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Re: Dial plan or Route pattern?

No problem.

If you have a few moments - take a skim through this really good document which discusses some differences between H323 & MGCP. Coincidently this has recently attracted quite significant attention on this forum especially amongst some of the whizzoes.


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