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Dial Plan


I have a IPT setup in HO with 3 digit extension with 1000 DID already existing, Now the new Branch is been setup, how would I setup the Branch numbering plan ,,  the ITSP has given 200 DID for 150 users, so what I am thinking is below please confirm to me is it a best practice??


  • I will configure 4 digit extension for example if ITSP has given a number 23224000 -23224199 then I am planning to have extension 4XXX, but the problem with this plan will be that users in HO when they dial an extension starting with 4XX then they have to wait for the T302 timer to expire or they have to press the dial button for instant dialing.
  • Another option is to keep 3 or 4 Digit in Branch but accessing branch by access code for example "8" press digit 8 and then the desire extension to dial branch user,


Please confirm to me the best practice among those above or apart from these which is not in my knowledge.


As you have overlapping route

As you have overlapping route plan, you should better configure access codes for intersite calling. However it is good not to configure the dialplans only with last 3 or 4 digits ranges of DID. Try to configure the dialplans with site codes & Access codes if necessary.
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Re: As you have overlapping route

HI, I got question regarding dial plan.

here is example

<8,:1408>xxxxxxx< :5061;usr=joe;pwd=joe_pwd;nat>

Example 1: “*1xxxxxxxxxx<;uid=jsmith;p wd=xyz”

Can I use this dial plan on SPA 122 ?

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Hi, what is always

Hi, what is always recommonded is to have a site code ex site 1 code : 11 and site 2 code : 12 and have an intersite accss code as for "8" , this is the best way #CCVP and good luck

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