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dial to pstn with out fac using local route groups

Hello Guys, I am deploying a national voice network

using a cluser of call managers (3) an h.323 gateways trough different sites of

my country.

The amount of locations I am deploying is about 400. We are using local route groups, as you know it need that all the phones, route patterns, gateways, etc. should be placed in one partition and one css.

The issue that I am facing right now is that the vip users don´t want to dial fac´s to place a call to the pstn as the mortal ones.  I tried using another partition (VIP) an another css (VIP) but the call request the fac to be established eventhough i have another route pattern in another partition, but still using the h.323 gateway in the common calling search space.

Is there a work around to solve this issue?


Cisco Employee

Re: dial to pstn with out fac using local route groups

Did you remove access to the regular route patterns from VIPs and replaced with new route patterns/partitions?? or just added VIP pt/route pattern to their CSSs?

FAC and CMC are enabled only in the route pattern.

If you left access to the regular route patterns and they're a better match, then call will be routed using them.

If they're equally good matches, then you need to order the CSS to have the VIP partition above the partition from regular route patterns so it is used.



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