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Dialed number auto completion disappeared!


After applying some SR's on my CCM 4.1, I have noticed, that the auto-completion functionality on the phones has disappeared. Earlier, when I had some number in the phone's Placed Calls history, for example 12345657, this number was auto-completed, after I have dialed 123. Does anybody know the cause of the disappearance?

Thank you!


Re: Dialed number auto completion disappeared!

If you reboot the phones, they will lose all call history. This is normal.

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Re: Dialed number auto completion disappeared!

But after some time the history appears again, but number completion does not work.

Re: Dialed number auto completion disappeared!

Possibly a firmware problem. Does it happen on all phones or just a few? If it is just a few phone I would factory reset them, then load the new firmware. If you still have issues, possibly CCM has an bug.

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English:Good morning,Me too


Good morning,

Me too me this problem is happening

I have a problem with my Cisco 7940 phone, I do not work the auto-number, (Configuring Auto Complete Number), the firmware is: P00308010200 with SCCP protocol.

My Call Manager is: System version:

Before the autocomplete had numbers marked on the history of the phone.

For example, habbia call to 1234567 and the autocomplete function calls When I Scored 123 Showed That coincided cone is the pattern on the phone display.

Help me please.



Buenos dias,

A mi tambien me esta sucediendo este problema

Tengo un problema con mis telefonos Cisco 7940, no me funciona la opción de autocompletar el numero, ( Configuring Auto Complete Number ), el firmware es el siguiente: P00308010200 con protocolo SCCP.

Mi Call Manager es: System version:

Antes tenia la funcionalidad de autocompletar numeros marcados en el historial del telefono.

Por ejemplo, yo habbia llamado al 1234567 y con la funcion autocompletar cuando marcaba 123 me mostraba las llamadas que coincidian cone se patron en el display del telefono.

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