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dialing issue on PRI

I have a PRI terminated on Cisco 3845 router; I am able to dialout on all the service provider numbers except the one service provider. My service provider gave me reason that the service provider to which number I am not able to dial is checking the "screening indicator" and I am sending screen indicator value (which he is passing on) is 00 and it should be 03. Is there any way that I can set this parameter on Cisco 3825.

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dialing issue on PRI

Under Service Parameters -> Cisco Callmanager -> Cluster wide parameters

there is  "Calling Party Number screening Indicator" field which you may be able to change.  I don't see an option to set it to 03 but here is the description of the option.  This will change this value for all calls going out your MGCP PRI so you may want to test during a maintenance window.

This parameter specifies the calling party number screening indicator that Cisco CallManager sends with outbound calls to the ISDN. Do not change this value unless the ISDN rejected outbound calls because of an unacceptable screening indicator value. The valid values follow:
-- Calling number not screened
-- Calling number screened and passed
-- Calling number screened and failed
-- CallManager provides the calling number
-- CallManager sets the screening indicator value (Default setting)
Cisco CallManager does not screen the calling number. Even if you change this setting, you change only the screening indicator value that Cisco CallManager sends to the ISDN.

   This is a required field. 
   Default:  CallManager sets the screening indicator value - Default setting 



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dialing issue on PRI

The problem is that I am using Cisco gateway with open source aesterisk plateform, in this scenario such configuration changes have to be done on gateway. Is there any way to set this parameter on Cisco 3845 gateway.


dialing issue on PRI


I have never used this feature.

I have found this link for you.

Looks like you need to add this to the PRI D Channel - I am not sure if you are using E1 or T1



int ser 0/0/:15

isdn gtd




int ser 0/0/:23

isdn gtd


Worth a try, take it off it it doesnt help



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