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Dialing outside PSTN operator

I am on CUCM 8.6 and needing to setup a way to contact the "public" operator.


Right now, when I dial 0, it rings to the in-house PBX, and there is a desire to be able to contact the regular outside operator.



Cisco Employee

Can you describe your setup a

Can you describe your setup a bit more?

What is the call flow from the IP phone to CUCM to the PBX? How is the public operator (I'm guessing PSTN) connected to the internal network?




New Member

PSTN is accessed by a PRI on

PSTN is accessed by a PRI on a 2911

Cisco Employee

Ok, so there must be a

Ok, so there must be a translation pattern or route pattern that is configured on the CUCM Call Routing settings, which converts the '0' to the in-house PBX number.

If it's a route pattern, you will have to change the device to which the route pattern is pointing to. Right now, it would be pointing to the in-house PBX connection.

New Member

Yes, there is a translation

Yes, there is a translation pattern that translates "0" to 64026, the CTI route point for the Attendant Console that our in-house PBX uses.


Is there no way to get an outside operator and still maintain that translation pattern?

Cisco Employee

Yes, just configure another

Yes, just configure another TP to point to the PSTN, you cannot use 0 as it's already used for the CTI RP, you'll need to use another digit/dialing string.

If you want to use 0 for both, you'll need to use partitions and define who will dial 0 and be routed to AC, and who will be routed to PSTN. They cannot have both.



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I have used *0 (asterisk and

I have used *0 (asterisk and 0) in the past to get around this limitation..  Users dialing "0" are directed to the internal operator, and those dialing "*0) are directed to the PSTN operator. 

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