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Dialing TO remote SRST location

Hi All,

Is it possible to preserve 4-digits dialing to remote site while it is in SRST mode? Here is the scenario:

1. Central location with CallManagers and phones.

2. Remote location connected by MAN with a single link.

3. During normal operations all phones registered to the central location CallManager.

4. Remote location has PSTN gateway and configured with SRST.

5. When MAN failed (test), all phones register to the local SRST router, can dial PSTN numbers, and 4-digits to Central location (POTS dial-peer with prefix).

However we cannot dial 4-digits into the Remote Location. From the CallManager side phones appear "unregistered" and they either go to voice mail (if configured) or just getting reorder tone. Tried to configure a CTI route point with a range, tried configure translation pattern, played with partitions and their order in calling search space... Nothing works. Any thoughts?


Re: Dialing TO remote SRST location

In CUCM 6.x, you can configure the "Unregistered" destination on the line to any number you like. You may need to put in the 9.xxxxxxxxxx That way, when the phone falls into unregistered, it will ring to the destination of its PSTN number.

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Re: Dialing TO remote SRST location

Sorry, forgot to tell - we're with CallManager 4.1(3)...

Re: Dialing TO remote SRST location

hmmm. I cant recall on 4.x if there is an option on the line. It will definitely be something with the destination box, which one, Im not sure.

What options are there on the line for destination other than the standard for VM?

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