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dialpeer configuration explanation

Good morning, i've some  problem to understand   a particular  dial peer configuration on  voice gateway:


dial-peer voice 50 pots
 description ** incoming dial peer **
 incoming called-number ^AAAA$


Each one can explain me how the command " incoming called-number ^AAAA$" works?


Thanks in advance





This command is used to

This command is used to select the called-number that will match this dial-peer on the inbound call leg.  The ^ means "begins with" and the $ means "ends with".  This statement is to match the called-number "AAAA" exactly.  If a call matches this called-number, this would be used as the inbound dial-peer.

Hello, Dial Peer



Dial Peer AttributeDescriptionCall Setup Element (See Table 2)
gwy(config-dial-peer)# incoming called-number DNIS_string This dial peer command defines the called number destination or dialed number identification service (DNIS) string. When properly configured, this dial peer command uses the called number to match the incoming call leg to an inbound dial peer.Called number (DNIS)


Refer this URL to understand the dial-peer matching



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Yes I say this but I dont

Yes I say this but I dont understand which number  could be AAAA.....


There should be PRI port

There should be PRI port connecting this gateway to other equipment like PBX or Provider end and from that equipment you would be receiving the number as "AAAA"

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