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DID numbers to match extension numbers?

I am wanting to set up a system where several sites have the exact same internal extension numbers, through a gatekeeper, registering the PSTN number.

example: Site #1 main phone number 1234 5200 goes to hunt group 200. (Rings three extensions in hunt)

               Site #1 manager phone number 12345650 (Extension number 150)


Site #2 would be the same, except the main part of the phone number would be different eg. (5432 1_ _)

The config is easy and I don't need help with that, but, do I need to contact my provider and request special phone numbers, or is there some sort of configuration I can do to change any DID's already given to me, without doubling up on the PSTN?

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.



Re: DID numbers to match extension numbers?

This can be resolved using different ways

One simple way is to add additional digit to the internal numbers for example for the DID rane 1 you can make it 1+ last three digits like 1200 instead of 200

For the second range add 2 so the 200 will be 2200 internally

Hope this help

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