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Diferent Rings

Hi, i have a problem that i hope you can help me, i have a PBX and a H323 Gateway conected by an E1 connection, everything work just fine, but when a call comes for into the PBX from de Gateway, the extension rings with a higher cadence. The normal cadence for a ring is 2/4 seconds (ringing/silence), but in this case the extension rings with approximately with 2/0.1 secs. In don't know why, i don't think it's a Gateway's problem, but who knows.


Luis Felipe Castilla


Re: Diferent Rings

what version of call manager. if i remember correct the 3.x had a setting to idenify on net and offnet calling by having a different ring. again cant be sure but you can always check. i think this was under the enterprise parameters.


Re: Diferent Rings

I think arvind is talking about following parameter

MGCP Network Location OffNet for E1 and T1 :

This parameter provides a distinctive ring for calls that come in through the MGCP E1 and

T1 (both PRI and CAS) gateway. These gateways can be configured as either OnNet or OffNet.

For OnNet calls, a single ring notifies the user that the call is an internal call. For

OffNet calls, a double ring notifies the user that the call is an external call. Valid

values specify True (provide a distinctive ring for OnNet and OffNet calls) or False (no

distinction in the rings for OnNet or OffNet calls).

This is a required field.

Default: true.

To get to this parameter, go to ccmadmin page > service > service parameter

choose the server and call manager service.

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Re: Diferent Rings

I use CCM 3.3(5), i ckecked the H323 Gateway Location setting and it's set to false.

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