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Diferrents permitions based on password.

Hello all.

My name is Kalil and my company is using CUCM 8.6.

We are trying to use CMC password to make some kind of permition.

But what we want is make difference about password.

Let me try show a example:

The CFO has a password that permit him make international call, but the engineer guy just can do local calls.

We want to distinguish this permition based on passwords, like CMC or FAC, because we need that the user make call from any phone dosen't matter where he/she is.

I read about EM but is not applicable, in my opinion, because the user need to log in on the phone.

What we want is when the user want to make some call, pick up the phone, pass the number and password and based on that password he complet the call, or not.

Best regards.

Cisco Employee

CMC or FAC, depending on your

CMC or FAC, depending on your exact needs, do exactly what you're asking, not sure what your question is.  I'd recommend you to read about them and them make the decision, and configure it.



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Thanks again Jaime.I did what

Thanks again Jaime.

I did what you advice and is working like we want.

We are using FAC.

In our tests is what working better, because the different levels that can be use.

Thanks a lot.

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