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difference between MCS & NON-MCS servers

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What could be the difference when doing Call Manager installation on MCS & Non-MCS servers like can we open the TAC case with Cisco ,compatibility issues related to CUCM versions.Any site which gives details.



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Re: difference between MCS & NON-MCS servers


There is no difference aside from a blue front panel.

If you are installing a product that would normally go on an MCS server, you have to purchase the exact spec that the MCS box would have. There are pages on that detail the exact model and parts to buy. If you deviate from that, the product may or may not install, and you are likely to have issues with upgrades and so on even if you don't have issues running the product.



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Re: difference between MCS & NON-MCS servers

To expand a bit on what Aaron said, when you purchase a server directly from the manufacturer they typically have a number of options and upgrades that can be purchased as add-ons to the base server.  With the MCS servers, they are OEM'd and built to specific specs that you need to review as Aaron said.  Make sure you then work with the manufacturer or your sales rep to purchase the server in that exact configuration as it may (or may not) include things that would be considered "upgrades" to the base server.

As for SW issues, if you are using a licensed copy of software and have current support contract then you still work with Cisco TAC for any issues, bugs, etc related to software.

For HW issues (failed drives, other components), you would contact your reseller or the manufacturer for support - basically whoever holds your warrany or hardware maintenance contract.


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