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Difference in MCS server spec

In laymans terms which is the major difference between the MCS 78xx H1, 2 and 78xx I1, 2 versions on the Cisco MCS-why choose one over the other- manay thanks



Re: Difference in MCS server spec

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Re: Difference in MCS server spec


Just to a a little note to the good info from Kenneth;

The "H" stands for an HP made server and the "I" stands for an IBM made server :)

The 78xx-H2 would have more horsepower than the 78xx-H1 and will support newer applications as shown in the attached link;

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Server Support Matrix

Hope this helps!


Re: Difference in MCS server spec


Just to add, as Rob stated H stands for HP and I for IBM, Cisco has a tie-up with HP and IBM to provide the servers for all Unified Communications applications inclusing CallManager.

As HP adn IBM keeps on releasing new servers with some enhancement in the Processor [majorly], Cisco also keeps on changing the ordering part codes like H1, H2 and H3.

There are some instances where you'll find that H/I2 server is more powerful than H/I1 server in terms of the processor speed.

For Example -

7825-H3 - Intel Dual-Core Xeon 3050 2.13-GHz processor with an 1066-MHz front side bus (FSB) and 2 MB of Layer 2 cache

7825-H2 - Intel dual-core, Pentium D, 2.8-GHz or 3.4-GHz processor with an 800-MHz front side bus (FSB) and 4 MB of Layer 2 cache

Observe the difference H3 - Xeon, H2 - Pentium D, H3 - 2.13 GHz, H2 - 2.8 OR 3.4 GHz.

So I would always use the link which Kenneth provided and will check the specifications from the datasheet.

-> Sushil

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