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Digit Inspection and Policy Routing


I'm Looking for a secure solution for the scenario below,


This is a Telephone Company IVR system that service to customers such as reporting problem, bill payment and etc,

when the customer choose 1 for bill payment the teleco IVR redirects call to Bank IVR system but this isn't a secure way, maybe the telco admin acting as a man in the middle and capture the customers records.

In this case we want the Access server inspecting the digits when the AS discovers the 1# redirects the call independently to the Bank IVR system and bypass the Telco IVR.

Is there any solution?



Digit Inspection and Policy Routing

when you receive the  call and caller press 1 set your IVR to redirect the call to the Bank DID number instead of the Teleco IVR number !

not sure what type of IVR or system you are runing in the font end with the customers !!


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Digit Inspection and Policy Routing

There is only two IVR ( telco & bank)

when the call recieved, its redirected to the Telco IVR and when caller pressed 1 then the call redirected to the bank IVR

we dont want that

we want when the call recieved redirected to the telco IVR but when the caller pressed 1 before the digits recieved by the telco IVR, access server detect that and route the call to the bank IVR.

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