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digits manipulation

digit manipulation is a confusing issue in ccm, there are alot of transformations u can do per phone /line/gateway/route group/......

I tried to get how and when to use each from many resources(like CCM admin guide, system guide,cipt,..) but didn't get the ideas..

my question is simply how to use transformations (per calling or called parties) for digits correctly among their many different locations, when to use transformations per phone, when to use per line, per gateway, per......

and it will be very helpful if any one provides us with a doc or link that clearly explain the matter..

really thanks for this helpful forum, and those expert guys


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Re: digits manipulation

Basically you will need to use transformation any time you want to transform either calling or called number. For example you may want to mask the outboud caller id to the company's main toll-free number, to do this you can either mask the external phone number mask on the device line, or route pattern, or route group within route list or the GW, depending on which one you use it will override the higher level one, so for example if you apply it to route pattern and then a different transformation to GW, the GW transformation will be used.

Sometimes you may also need to use translation patterns to transform called number, consider an example where a company has moved to a new location and got new DID block from telco, but does not want to change the internal 4 digit extensions, a solution to this could be to use translation patterns and transform the called digits coming from GW to the internal DNs.

A good doc:


Calling and Called Party Transformations

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Re: digits manipulation


I prensently have this problem, I have 2 DID set of #. (418-731-6xxx, 418-731-4xxx). the CM 4.1 use a h323-gateway with the Caller ID DN setup with 418-731-6xxx

I know that I need to delete this value and use the Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask setting of either route list, route pattern or DN

since the CM DN are configure with both Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask setting for my 2x DID (418-731-6xxx, 418-731-4xxx)

By using the DN setting instead of the gateway or route list , route pattern. It should be good?



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Re: digits manipulation


Hope you are ok.

Do you know how block to a caller party from PSTN to an ip extension, I mean blocking inbound calls to a specific telephone number from PSTN to an ip phone.

I using MGCP.. CCM4.2

Please suggest.



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Re: digits manipulation

already answered to the block question on other post, do not duplicate posts




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