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Directed Call Park and BLF

I'm trying to setup DIrected Call Park with BLF appearance in CUCM 6. I have the Directed Call Park working the way I want, but I cannot get the BLF to light up correctly. The documentation indicates that I can setup BLFs for Directed Call Park numbers, but those numbers do not appear as DNs that I can specify when I setup the BLF field (by clicking on 'Find'). I can specify then DCP number manually, but that only sets it up as a speed dial, not BLF. Has anyone does this and knows the problem I'm running into here?


Re: Directed Call Park and BLF

i havent played with that yet, but if u configured it as speed dial, it works when park slot is busy?

Re: Directed Call Park and BLF

The issue is that when I configure the Speed Dial, I do not see BLF information. Normally if I configure a Speed Dial/BLF by using the find button and searching/adding, I can get BLF information. But Directed Call Park numbers do not appear as DNs that can be browsed.

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Re: Directed Call Park and BLF


I also want to configre Directed call park & BLF..I created the Directed call park but do i need to assign any kind of softkey for the same into the ip phones??.

BLF is not working...can u ploz suggest...

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