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Directory Dial Rules for Corporate Directory

We are using CM 7.1.5bsu2.  We have resently sync'd our AD LDAP with it using the telephone number object which is formated as follows: (XXX) XXX-XXXX note the "space" "dash" and "parethasis".

We have edited the application rules to fix AC.  We have added 9 to our Fast dials with directory rules.  All of which is working as designed.

but when we use the corporate directory with a match digit / length / drop we are still dialing the full 10 digits not the 4 that we require.

What am I missing.  I would really prefer to use directory rules rather then the work around of using a translation pattern.  am I trying to do something not supported?



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Re: Directory Dial Rules for Corporate Directory


This could not be functioning because of the brackets around the area code. To test this , can you enter two numbers in your personal address book 1) One with out the brackets around your area code XXXXXXXXXX and one with brackets as you have now (XXX) XXX XXXX. Then test 1 and see if the number is using 4 digists only as your dial rule and the second one using 10 digits.



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Re: Directory Dial Rules for Corporate Directory

So I updated my user in AD to XXXXXXXXXX.  Resync'd LDAP.

opened corporate directory, found myself with the above format.  Press the dial and I'm still getting the number cannot be completed as dialed.  Still showing 10 digits on the phone.

I have a Directory rule of match 10 digits starting with the first X ans strip 6.

It doesn't look like it's matching / stripping.

Thus I think at this point it's an issue of Corporate directory not working with directory dial rules.  Maybe you can prove otherwise.  Debugs?



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Re: Directory Dial Rules for Corporate Directory

None of the dial rules will apply to corporate directory.  Application Dial Rules only apply to CTI calls, directory lookup rules require a lookup which fast dials will do before finding the number so this works, however corporate directory, the same as personal address book, does not do a lookup so the directory lookup rules don't apply, and it's not a CTI call so application dial rules do not apply either.  You'll need to edit dial for these to work.

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Re: Directory Dial Rules for Corporate Directory

Bump, i'm running into the same problem as well. We have to have 10 digit numbers in the corporate directory or iPhones cannot look them up remotely.

I can solve the problem by making a route pattern, but i really don't think this is the proper way to do it. Any suggestions from other people?

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