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Directory Integration with CUCM

I understand that if you do the above and you use Extension Mobility then the user has to log in using the credentials of their domain account per directory i.e Alpha Numeric however if you then turn of this feature in CUCM then you use numbers again however is this for the User ID AND password or just User ID.

If it is just User ID and the password is still via the domain i.e. the password you use to log onto a P.C how does CUCM cope

In CUCM 6.X , I also understand that you just you can just pull part of the directory now without schema changes using the Cisco Plug in - is this correct ?

Also part from password, synch and telephone directory in synch with nay corp. one - does integration have any plus points or minus as from an admin view


Re: Directory Integration with CUCM

im not sure if this answers your question but we have AD integration running and also EM. the user can log into any phone with thier user ID pulled from AD but thier password is thier PIN and not their AD password. when the user logs into thier ccmuser page, they use thier AD credentials, ID and password and not the PIN.

if you have integrated with AD and the AD/CISCO synch has lost communication, when you try to log in to the page you would not be able to access it.

i cant answer the alast part of that question as i havent dont anything with 6 as yet.

hope this helps and im sure someone else might be able to shed a little more light


Re: Directory Integration with CUCM

Thanks that`s cleared some things up

1. User ID- just to confirm that you use the AD account for the User ID you enter into phone but the PIN is still via CCM

2. So does this mean it sorts of does a look up from both systems - CCM for PIN and AD for User ID?

2. Logging on - Is the log process still as with a normal Alpha Numeric i.e. to enter the Letter C you have to press the digit 2 three times ?

3. Lost communication- does this mean that if you lose this connection you also lose the ability to log onto a phones as it authenticates the EM user as in point 2 ?

Did you say you use EM and AD so if the log ons are not in synch i.e. the EM PIN is not in any AD database so the user still has to remember it separately - why use AD is it only the directory on the phone



Re: Directory Integration with CUCM

hey no problem

1. from what we have here yes. the user can change his/her pin from the ccmuser page and to log into that page they have to use their AD credentials

2. Logging on - we had issues where the userid (default thier last name) was ridiculously long and basically irritating to the user. we created and employee number attribute that contained only numbers. namely, employee ID 7009 AS THE USERNAME and thier password is as in their AD password. again for login into the phone its 7009 as thier userid and the PIN on the CCM.

3. ive never tried login in to EM when the AD communication is lost (Dont ask why :)) but we have tried it with the ccmuser page, as well as login into our contact centre. when com is lost, it cannot verify the credenticals so you will lose ability to log into the ccmuser page and any other application that requires username and password. Again, ive never tired the EM but im thinking that it should still work. someone can verify

We use AD for centralization and better management of user accounts, passwords etc. we find it much easier than using separate accounts for users as in a NON-AD integration. im sure there are much more features to justify this but this is why we use it at this time.


Re: Directory Integration with CUCM

One more thing

2. If you created 7009 as the username so to only use numeric in the EM log on process- is this the only user name in AD i.e. the same username they use for logging into a P.C as well as EM or are there two separate user names - 1x EM and 1 x P.C. If there is only 1 x Username in the whole AD this implies you had to changed everyone's username in AD to numbers ??? How did that go down with users ???

One of our offices is thinking to link AD with CUCM but we use EM and I`m trying to think why - our business if 125K users with alpha numeric AD log ons

thanks again