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Directory Search on IP Phones

When searching for a range of extensions, the search result does not show all extensions within a range.  For example, if I search for extensions within the 33 range (which is from 3300 - 3399), some valid extensions do not show on the search result.  Is this by design or an issue with directory search?

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Re: Directory Search on IP Phones


The directory search searches the user DB, not the list of DNs.

So no user, no appearance in the directory.

Does that tie in with what you are seeing?


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Re: Directory Search on IP Phones

Users are in the directory.  The strange thing is when I search for specific name or extension, it shows.  But when I search by range as I mentioned earlier, it does not show some of the names or extension.

Re: Directory Search on IP Phones

Interesting...  I wonder if some of the phone numbers were entered as a string instead of a number, or vice versa.  It could be the difference of inputting manually versus BATting, for example.  You could try finding a user whose number does not appear on a number search and clear/re-enter the number on that user entry, just to see if that clears up the problem.

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Re: Directory Search on IP Phones

All phones are entered manually.  Compared the settings on a user that shows in the search with the one that does not show and both are setup the same, except for the extension and name of course.

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