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Disaster Recovery Restore SQL exclusive access error

During restore of Unity 4.2, I recieve the following error.... Failed to gain exclusive access to SQL to perform the restore. In services I have terminated the services ?MSSQLSERVER? and ?SQLSERVERAGENTS? and still recieve this error. Any ideas??


Re: Disaster Recovery Restore SQL exclusive access error

Did you leave the services stopped? You only need to kill them and then start them:

Go to "restore procedure overview", then go to "A Note About

Exclusive SQL Database Access".

"During the restore process, DiRT requires exclusive access to the

UnityDB and ReportsDB databases in SQL so that it can restore the

backed up versions of those databases. If any application has a

handle to either of these databases, the DiRT restore will pause

and throw up a dialog box indicating it could not get exclusive

access. You are given the opportunity to exit out (which will

put your system back into a running state as is) or hitting OK

and trying again. You can try again as often as you like, however

an error is logged to the output file for each failed attempt.

Often it?s the case that the SA keeps a handle to the database

around, even if it?s been closed. This can take 20 minutes to

clear which is often more time than folks want to wait. The

quickest way to clear all connections to SQL at this point is

to simply stop the ?MSSQLSERVER? and ?SQLSERVERAGENTS? in the

service control manager and then restart them. Once you do

this you can hit ?OK? and try it again and DiRT should be able

to get exclusive access and carry on."

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Re: Disaster Recovery Restore SQL exclusive access error

After attempting disaster recovery restore and recieving the error 'failed to gain exclusive access to SQL to perform the restore' I opened services and stopped and restarted the services MSSQLSERVER and SQLSERVERAGENTS. I immediately recieved the same 'failed to gain exclusive' error again.

As soon as the services for those two items are restarted I recieve the error dialog box.

To clarify my environment,this network is replicatiing the production environment in our lab for testing purposes. Using DiRT we wanted to bring all user info into our test lab Unity environment but it isnt as easy as I thought it would be....

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