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Disaster Recovery System Backup Error "Unable to contact server. Master or Local Agent could be down"

Hello everyone,

I am getting a "Unable to contact server. Master or Local Agent could be down" error for my weekly scheduled backups. I have 1 PUB and 1 SUB.

The backup status shows that the PUB is backing up, but all the SUB backups are not.

Apparently it is not this bug csctq70900 according to Cisco TAC as it is confirmed that the IPSec and Tomcat certs have not expired.

Here is what else that has been verified and discovered so far:

-replication between SUB and PUB are fine.

-DRF Local and Master are started on PUB.

-While Logging in to the Serviceability page of the SUB, went to Tools> Control Center> Feature Services

and Selected the PUB IP address, at that moment we got an error saying "Connection to the Server cannot be

established (Unable to access the Remote Node)"

-We noticed that an RTMT alert was generated for DRF:

Reason : Master Agent was unable to send a backup/restore request to the local agent. Node [SUB] is not connected.

AppID : Cisco DRF Master

-Both PUB and SUB got "Reverse DNS lookup failed" with the "utils diagnose test" command.

-Both PUB and SUB can ping each other.

-Both servers are pointed to the same DNS servers and both PUB and SUB can ping both DNS servers.

-DNS entries on DNS servers are correct for both PUB and SUB.


Has anyone encountered this before?




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What is the exact cucm

What is the exact cucm version?

Did TAC collect and look into the DRF Master and Local traces for a failed backup?

Generally this error is related to IPSec certs , but if it has been verified then DRF traces need to be checked for any issues.



New Member

Hello Manish, CUCM is 9.1.1

Hello Manish,



The server admin created a new reverse lookup zone and added static entries for the 2 devices.

I just ran a manual backup and still get the issue.

I am calling TAC again.

New Member



Could you please follow the following steps:

1) regenerate the perm certs on the PUB first and then the SUBs.

2) restart the DRF Master and local on the PUB and then the SUBS.

3) Restart the TFTP service.

Thanks Prantik,.

Cisco Employee

If your certs are not expired

If your certs are not expired, then doing the following should clear the issue:

Restart DRF local on Sub

Restart DRF master and local on pub

If the issue, still persist, please collect the DRF logs from RTMT and raise this to TAC for additional assistance.

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