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Disaster Routing - Translation Configuration?

I'm trying to add backup functionality to a few important numbers in our organization. What I have set up with our telco is that in the event of a downed PRI, I can have certain numbers forwarded to DIDs at another location, and then have CallManager translate those so that they end up at their original intended destination.

For example, someone from the outside dials 123-321-4567. This number is mapped to internal extension 1021234. I have the telco forward 123-321-4567 to 987-789-6543 (in theory, a valid DID at another site). How would I go about having CallManager redirect calls for 987-789-6543 to 1021234?

We have 5 locations, running from a CM cluster in our Saint Louis location. Is my goal achievable? I'd like to have a few numbers from each sight redirected to STL in the event that the remote sites PRI has failed, and I would like to redirect STL to our Kansas City location.

I think I've described everything accurately, but let me know if I omitted important details.

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Re: Disaster Routing - Translation Configuration?

You can create a translation pattern in CCM admin under Route Plan -> Translation Pattern for each redirection. For example, create a translation pattern for 9877896543 that translates the called number to 1021234. Make sure the translation pattern is in a partition accessible by the calling search space of the gateway and has a calling search space which can access the partition of the called DN.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Disaster Routing - Translation Configuration?

Thanks! I was mostly on the right track, but somehow managed to goof up the partition configuration. At any rate, your post is very appreciated.

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