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Disconnect Cause Code


Right now I have a trunk group with limited inbound calls:

trunk group 110

max-calls voice 140 direction in

When this number is reached by the GW, the calls are rejected with cause code: 44 no requested circuit.

Is it possible to mask this code, "translate", into another? I want to do this because all the rejected calls are killing my ASR...

Thanks in advance.


Re: Disconnect Cause Code

You can use H.323 Gatekeeper-Based Load Balancing to avoid the issue you are facing. After the call is rejected, the originating gateway must find another means of handling the call. There are several possibilities, most of which are dependent on the configuration of the gateway. In the absence of any specific configuration, the outgoing gateway will provide a reorder tone to the calling party. The reorder tone is called fast-busy in North America, and is known as overflow tone or equipment busy in other parts of the world. This tone is often intercepted by PSTN switches or PBXs with an announcement such as "All circuits are busy, please try your call again later."

Re: Disconnect Cause Code

AFAIK you can not mask the disconnect cause codes

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