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Disk mirroring in CUCM 5/6/7


I have a customer who wants to use RAID disk mirroring as a backup strategy before upgrades are applied. i.e. pull a disk from the RAID array and replace it with a blank then remirror before the upgrade.

A few weeks ago I was reading a document on the Cisco web site that stated this was not supported. I want to show this documentto the customer but cannot find it. Can anyone provide a link to it?


Re: Disk mirroring in CUCM 5/6/7

work flow wise Cisco are probably stating it may not be needed now due to Partitioning with CUCM5/6/7 as you upgrade on the non-active Partition and in theory you have the DRS as well. However I`ve always pulled a disk at least on the Pub. before the upgrade just in case- power the pub off, pull out the disk A, power on again test disk, power off again push back disk A , pull disk B power up and test. Others may have other ideas

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Re: Disk mirroring in CUCM 5/6/7

This isn't supported because it's not needed. The /partB partitioning within the appliance model makes this irrelevant. Also, current install scripts check the array health and size and may fail if the array shows degraded.

Also, the SAN/storage guys/gals I work with say "nothing causes array failures on SATA like a rebuild".

This seems like a waste of billable time. Take a DRS backup and ensure you have recovery media handy as your secondary recovery plan.

Re: Disk mirroring in CUCM 5/6/7

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